Top 5 Cheapest Dirt Bikes in India

If you're an adventurer interested in riding, then Dirt bikes and off-road bicycles could help you to indulge your passion to all levels.

Top 5 Cheapest Dirt Bikes in India

What are Dirt Bikes?

The name implies that dirt bikes are intended for dirt riding and off-road. They are specifically designed with consideration of the specific conditions of off-road cycling.

Dirt bikes permit riders to ride on uneven terrains with dust and dirt that aren't smooth enough to navigate comfortably. Riding bikes over rough roads or making high jumps is an absolute thrill for the most daring riders.

Dirt bikes are the ones that provide full-on excitement by allowing you to ride at breakneck speed easily. These are small and light bikes designed to keep riding on rough terrains, such as dirt or mud. They can also be used to ride over rocks.

The difference between Dirt Bikes as well Motorcycles

Many people are under the impression that there isn't any difference between motorcycles and dirt bikes

It is possible to ride any bike on roads, tracks, or on rough terrains. There are a variety of techniques and mechanics that are involved in riding bikes on various surfaces.

Although both motorcycles and dirt bikes are two-wheeled, there is an enormous difference between them when riding on dirt or streets. Dirt bikes are designed to be used on roads that aren't broad-based, so they are usually made of mud, snow, or gravel.

Motorcycles are built to be ridden on smooth surfaces made by humans. In comparison to motorcycles, dirt bikes are lighter and more flexible. They are also smaller with a longer suspension journey and high ground clearance and can provide more torque in off-road conditions.

Frame dimensions, weight, and size: Dirt bikes are small in terms of size and weight when compared to motorcycles. Dirt bikes are made to let the rider be in control of it in any circumstance. They are made of plastics with a hard surface for ease of control. Street bikes are made of metal and are more trendy.

Tires: The tires on dirt bikes are small and feature nobs and large blocks of tread for grip. The huge empty spaces within the tires aid the tires in holding dirt, mud, and sand. The tires for street bikes are wider, rounder, and don't have much space.

Suspension: Dirt bikes are made to offer the desired speed, agility, and shock absorption.
This suspension is constructed using hydraulic tubes and spring shocks. The suspension travel of dirt bikes typically is 12 inches or greater to take the strain of big shocks. The suspension on motorcycles for the road is just a few inches to absorb minor shocks.

Steering: While riding on street bikes, there's no need to use a lot of steering to manage the bike. Simply leaning towards the direction you want to turn can help make it easier to turn. You can perform the same feat using a dirt bike. Ride around corners using a lean approach; however, most of the time, you must use bars to make turns. 

Dirt bikes have wide bars for greater leverage and the ability to turn the tires. Dirt bikes make the rider utilize the handlebars and then put their feet down to keep their balance on the bike.

The gear: Dirt bikes can deliver high speed even with low gears. They can also take you to the top of steep hills and take the bike from the dirt and sand. Motorcycles are designed to speed up and move smoothly and achieve triple digits through an incredibly powerful throttle.

Top 5 Cheapest Dirt Bikes

There are numerous dirt bikes, also known as off-road bikes. Let's take a see all of them:

1. Motocross Bike

Motocross Bike

Motocross Bikes are usually called "MX" These bikes are equipped with closed roads and many obstacles such as jumps, bumps, and jumps made by humans. It is equipped with a tiny fuel tank that provides lightness and also has the lowest suspension for jumps that travel at high speeds.

It is powered by a single-cylinder motor that can be equipped with four-stroke or two-stroke units. The bikes do not have lights, a kickstand, a speedometer, light, mirrors, or even an electric start, making them less heavy.

It features a low, flat seat. Riders of motocross typically stand and ride in a comfortable manner, which is why comfort isn't essential in motocross design.

2. Enduro Bike

Enduro Bike

It looks like the Motocross Bike, and it is a road-legal motocross bicycle. Enduro bikes race over an extended track that features street racing and off-road races, and rough terrain. 

These bikes are equipped with turn signals, mirror lights, number plates, and silencers. These bikes are not ideal for long-distance trips due to the lack of convenience.

3. Trial Rider Bike

Trial Rider Bike

The trial riding sport is a special kind of off-road competition that tests the balance between precision and skills instead of speed. They are not designed for speedy jumps. Balance is the most important thing in these bikes than speed. Tanks for fuel are smaller.

While riding on the trials bikes typically, the rider sits on the footpegs, so it has a very drab seat, or perhaps no seat at all. The bikes are equipped with one engine with two strokes for the maximum amount of tension and torque.

4. Dual Sportbike

Dual Sportbike

It's a multi-purpose bike that can be used both on and off-road. It's a street-legal bike that comes with lights and headlights and mirrors and turn signals. These bikes aren't designed for competition and weigh more than Enduro or Motocross. This is the ideal dirt bike for beginners since they allow you to balance more easily, and the controls are within view. They're also more affordable.

5. Rally Raid Bike

Rally Raid Bike

It's an Enduro bike with a large tank for fuel to race long distances, particularly through deserts. The engine's capacity is greater than that of 500cc and 750cc.


This article should have helped you understand your mind about dirt motorcycles and off-road bikes and the distinction between dirt bikes and street-legal motorcycles, and you'll be able to select the right dirt bike for you most. Share your thoughts with us about the dirt bike and off-road bikes and the one you'd like to buy for yourself.

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