How to Choose a Perfect Bike - Bike Buying Guide - 12 TIPS

When it comes to the ease of commute, a two-wheeler surpasses the convenience of cars every day. Because they are easy to maneuver and take up smaller parking spaces and a lot less parking space, two-wheelers are extremely easy to use but can also reduce commute time in the city. 

If you're traveling to work, making a quick trip to the nearest store for your weekly shopping, or the quick journey to visit a friend's home in a crowded part of the metropolis, two-wheelers can help reduce time.

If you're thinking of purchasing a bike, You can pick between the geared and non-geared models. While the gear models might require some additional learning, the ungeared versions are comparatively easier to master. 

If you are considering buying a two-wheeler, some investigation will assist you in making the right choice and aid in saving money. Here are some tips you should be aware of while looking for the perfect two-wheeler.

How to Choose a Perfect Bike - Bike Buying Guide - 12 TIPS


A two-wheeler is an investment that can last for many years to come. Choosing a well-known brand for your two-wheeler is essential because it provides you with the assurance that you will receive the best quality product. 

In India, there are a variety of two-wheeler makers such as Hero Motocorp, Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India, TVS, Mahindra, Kinetic, Suzuki, and many more. Indian customers highly regard that. Additionally, picking the right name is important in the value of reselling the bike.


As prices rise each day, it is essential to set a budget of around Rs 60,000. You could easily buy an a-two-wheeler from a respected brand such as Honda, TVS, Mahindra, and more within this amount. If you can increase your budget further, you can increase your choices in terms of colors and features that you can find with a two-wheeler.


One of the primary things to look for before buying a vehicle is the amount of mileage it can provide. Due to the rising cost of fuel mileage, which refers to the distance a car can cover using a Liter of fuel, it is much more crucial. A decent two-wheeler can provide 35 - 40 km. But don't think of highway mileage as in-city mileage.


While you're looking, take a test ride on the bikes and decide whether you can take them on. The vehicle's weight is one of the most important factors that allow the rider to be comfortable. If the vehicle's weight is excessive for you to manage, try different lighter alternatives available on the market.


To maneuver the vehicle, the height of the vehicle must be in the proper range so that your feet are put on the ground for balance. If the vehicle's height is high, it won't be easy to maneuver.


Many two-wheelers with gears are now equipped with an auto-start feature or push-start and the traditional kick-start option. With Auto Start, only a button is required to start the engine, which is a great feature to use.


Another crucial aspect of the buying procedure is to look up the actual reviews of people who have used the vehicle you are thinking of buying. Reviews will give you an extensive overview of the car, its features such as running and real-time mileage, and other features that the salesperson in the showroom might not be able to inform you about. 

If you're investing large sums of money into a vehicle, it is best to find out about it through the eyes of others who have used the vehicle and can provide you with direct reviews.


At the time of your decision, research the location of the service centers for the product. In an accident, it would be extremely difficult to take the two-wheeler away to a repair or service center that is further from home. 

The ideal situation is that the center, be it of the manufacturer or a factory authorized one, should be near to your home for the convenience of before you choose the manufacturer you prefer, locate their service center so that you don't end in a long journey to get repairs or services.


After purchase, any vehicle will require maintenance to ensure it is in good condition. Suppose you're asking questions about the vehicle. In that case, inquire about the cost of regular checks and servicing for your vehicle at a reputable service center once the free services are no longer offered.


Another aspect to consider when it comes to the servicing and maintenance of your car is the availability of replacement parts. There are times when spare parts of a certain manufacturer or brand aren't readily available, which may slow the repair process and maintenance. 

Many new models may not have spare parts readily available, so when you decide to go to purchase a vehicle from this manufacturer, make sure you are aware of spare parts.


When purchasing a two-wheeler, the manufacturer and model of the vehicle play a crucial aspect at the time of the selling. The value of a vehicle is mostly on the brand and the condition, and the year it was purchased.

When looking for a two-wheeler, the market is filled with gearless and geared options. You might want to think about electric two-wheelers. Numerous trustworthy manufacturers have released or plan to launch electric bikes in the future. 

The major benefits of a vehicle powered by electricity are that they are eco-friendly, but they will also allow you to save a significant amount on fuel expenses. Don't neglect to get insurance for your brand new two-wheeler.


The good news is that the clothing and the equipment that safeguards you ensure you look stylish and enjoy the road. A well-fitting helmet with high visibility airflow, impact absorption, and ventilation is highly recommended as required in certain states. 

Also, a well-fitting and abrasion-resistant zippered jacket with an elongated collar and secure cuffs is essential. Combine it with abrasion-resistant pants and tough over-the-ankle boots, and riding gloves, and you're done. Consider wearing clothes visible to motorists who are driving close to you.


Congratulations! After you've selected and bought your new bike, There's nothing quite like the first few miles. Before taking off on your first ride, be sure to keep the safety guidelines in mind.