Hero Bikes and Scooty Insurance

Everyone buys bikes and scooty of Hero company, but you know about hero bike insurance and hero scooty insurance. Whenever we buy a new vehicle, it becomes necessary for us to have insurance. There is a risk in driving a vehicle without insurance. and if the bike and scooty are insured, then we can take advantage of insurance in case the car is stolen or there is some damage in it. Apart from this, if we have an accident, then we will also compensate for the loss caused to the person in front. can do through. That's why it is always necessary to have insurance when buying a new car.

In this article we will understand what is hero bikes and scooty insurance and how you can take it. How to claim for it. Apart from this, how much insurance is available on which vehicle and how much money has to be paid for it. So let's know about the insurance of Hero Bikes.

Hero Bikes and Scooty Insurance

Hero Insurance:

Hero Company is a very famous company in India and offers a very good, comfortable and stylish range of two wheelers. Hero company wants to become the best company in the world, so the company gives more mileage and good performance vehicles to its customers at a lower price. And along with this, Hero company also insures its vehicles. and hero insurance also has many benefits.

Why should you take Hero bike insurance?

There are many benefits of taking Hero bike insurance, as hero insurance covers the entire cost of damage caused in a road accident, apart from this, if you have a hero bike, then you can send that bike to any showroom, your work direct.  Will be done. Hero Motor Insurance gives complete coverage of your bike or scooty and its accesories.

Under Hero bike insurance, if any other person suffers any loss from your vehicle, then you also get its coverage in hero bike insurance. Apart from this, the owner or driver of the vehicle gets a sum assured of up to 15 lakhs. and the process of hero bike insurance renewal is also very easy. In this you get insurance for 2 to 3 years. Then you have to get it renewed further.

How to take Hero bike insurance?

You can take hero bike insurance online, for this you have to go to its official website and decide whether you want to take insurance, third party or comprehensive, after that you have to see what optional facility they are providing in it. Is. Then you will have to fill the information of your vehicle and according to whatever information you give, a premium will be calculated, you will have to pay that much and then the insurance will be mailed to your mail id.

What is Hero bike insurance renewal process?

You can also renew Hero bike insurance online, for this you can also take renewal of hero insurance by visiting the website of policy market. For this you have to go to the official website of policy bazar and submit hero bike policy number and expiry date.

After this you have to check all the details and hero bike insurance renewal amount. After everything is correct, you will have to pay that amount, then your hero motor insurance will be renewed.

How To Claim Hero Bike Insurance?

To Claim Hero bike insurance, you will have to call the company's helpline number or mail it to their mail id, after that the company's agent will contact you and explain to you about the further process. You should keep in mind that until the workers of the company have not surveyed your car, you should not get the vehicle opened. Or don't do any work in it.

First of all, when you contact the company, then their surveyor will survey your vehicle and see how much damage has happened and whether it is covered under the policy or not. After that whatever repair estimation is there, it will be sent to the showroom where you are getting the car repaired.

Keep in mind that the claim form should contain your signature along with your PAN card and Aadhar card information, besides the company's seal and the authority's signature. Apart from this, it is also necessary to attach a photocopy of the rc and dl of the vehicle along with the form. The rest depends on which plan you have taken and what other documents can be taken from it.

Once all the process is done and the balance amount is deposited, you can take your car from the garage. and to take the reimbursement of insurance, you have to give the original bill and receipt to the insurer.

Required documents for Hero bike insurance claim:

Some important documents are required to claim Hero bike insurance, if you already have these documents then you will not have any problem. The list of documents is given below:

  • Original driving license and RC
  • Claim form
  • Pan card and adhar card
  • Photocopy of RC and DL
  • Receipt and bill of repair


In this article, we have given complete information about hero bike insurance and hero scooty insurance, what is hero insurance and why you should take this insurance. What are the benefits of hero bike insurance and how can you buy hero motor insurance. If the insurance is about to expire, then how can you renew it online? Or if there is any damage in the vehicle then how do you claim hero bike insurance. For this, we have given information about which necessary documents you will need in the article, apart from this, some optional documents may be asked from you. Apart from this, if you want any information related to hero bike and scooty insurance, then you can ask us through the comment section.

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