Hero Good Life Card

Hero GoodLife Card is a type of Scheme that Hero MotoCorp Ltd offers for their customer. You will get 1 Year Accidental Insurance for Vehicle Owner for up to 2,00,000 Rs through National Insurance on this Card according to Scheme. Hero Goodlife Card Validity for three years, but Insurance is valid for one year only. The Lady Rider card and the Goodlife card are both the same. When we buy a Hero Two Wheeler in the name of Lady, then the card is called Lady Rider Card.

How Will You Get Hero Goodlife Card?

You will get Goodlife Card at the time of the New Two Wheeler Purchase. Hero Motocorp All Two Wheeler Models are eligible for Goodlife Card Scheme. At the time of Papar Work, Goodlife will be done by Executives.
Now You thought, what will be paid for this card?
Is this Scheme is Free?
Well, When you are buying a Two Wheeler, you will have to pay the amount of charge for this scheme. This scheme is not free.

You can get this physical card or you can also get an e-card by buying the Hero Goodlife card. It is the evening’s benefit for both of them. Below, we are giving samples of both physical cards and e-cards. You will be able to understand this better.

Privileges Or Benefits Of Goodlife Card

There are many benefits of Goodlife Card – 
  1. Personal Accidental Death Insurance Cover for upto 2,00,000 Rs.
  2. Low-Interest Rate 6.99 % at the time of Finance by Hero Fincorp ltd.
  3. Free Nitrogen Fill
  4. Discount on Accessories & Merchandise.
  5. Free Express Service.
  6. Free Vehicle Wash.
  7. Discount on Paint Protection Treatment.
  8. Discount on First Paid Service Labour Charge.
  9. Sales and Service Vouchers ( According to Your Points ).
  10. Special Discounted AMC Package.
  11. Recently Offer for Online Shopping Vouchers ( According to Your Points).

Hero Prerequisite Goodlife Program

Hero MotoCorp has launched the PREREQUISITE GoodLife program. In this, you can enroll for Goodlife by visiting the official website of Hero MotoCorp online. Let’s know how you can purchase a Goodlife card in the Hero Prerequisite program –

  1. You have to log in to the official website of Hero MotoCorp.
  2. You will get your basic details like – Customer Name, Customer Father, Email Id, Registered Mobile Number, Nominee Details, Address.
  3. You have to choose your favourite card. This card is available from Rs.199/- to Rs.499/-.
  4. After making the payment, you will get the insurance receipt and bill on your registered email ID.
  5. Your card will be sent to your address within 15 days.
  6. Your Goodlife card number is on your bill, so you will be able to enjoy all Goodlife benefits.
  7. You must be 21 years of age or older to apply for Goodlife Program.

Hero Goodlife Card Gifts List With Points

You can Redeem your gifts according to your point. According to the number of points on your card, you will get a gift or service coupon or online Shopping Voucher. Please note, you can get only one gift out of gifts, service coupons, and an online shopping Voucher. It depends on you, what you will choose.
All gifts are divided into three parts.
  1. Tier 1
  2. Tier 2
  3. Tier 3
As your points increase, your card will also upgrade your gift tier, and accordingly, your points and gifts will also increase.

Note – Kindly take your Registered Mobile no. at the time of redeeming gifts or rewards because sometimes it asks for OTP. Please note Your chassis is kept in your Hero GoodLife card, so you will only be able to reward it in the service of the exact vehicle; with this bike or scooter, you have received the card.

NoteMany people think that if you have 10000 points on your Hero Goodlife card, they will only get a lunch box according to the gift chart or 180 Rupee service coupon or online Shopping vouchers. But it is not so. If you have 10000 points on your Hero Goodlife card, you will get all the gifts or coupons ranging from 500 points to 10000 points.

E.g., If you choose a service cupon and have 10000 points on your Hero Goodlife card, you will get 50 + 50 + 80 + 100 + 150 + 150 + 180 = 760 Rupee Service Coupons accordingly if you will choose gifts. You will get 50 + 50 = 100 Service Copun ( because 500 and 1000 points are not eligible for gifts ) and torch, color set, siling bag, casserole, and lunch box; all the gifts will be yours.

You can go to the showroom of Herotocorp near you and get all the information about your Hero Goodlife card and redeem your gift.
Or, If you have your registered mobile no, you can check your points by visiting Hero Motocorp’s official website and redeem the gift.